Far ellipse

by Rob Howard

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released November 30, 2012

RH: guitars, voice, tambourine, harmonica, glockenspiel, ocarina, kazoo


tags: pop Bristol


all rights reserved


Rob Howard Bristol, UK

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Track Name: A fire spell
Walk in from a distant town
With your hands still wretched by the ocean
It's a quicker way to the end
it's a different route to the end

Dawdle northbound on Aurora
And take your precious time on the odd track
With pocket hands in frozen motion
And mountains off to the side
Track Name: Channels
Channels run off into run-off channels
And down, down, away to the sea
When you talk you're a figure in chalk
And you're loud, drowned, and an effort to be

What will become of them now, now,
Now that you're gone?
Who will take care of them now, now,
Now that you're gone?

And you know it all, all the way down
You were told it all, all the way down
And as time will attest, luck is the best
And you've known it all, all the way down
Track Name: No clues
Wasted my time on a cruise
With a stick-thin chanteuse
I left that town with my head down
And left no clues
But now I’m rooming with a bronzed society wife
And in the evening sun
The green, green grass glows inside her

Wait for me

The chain pubs vie for my attention
Largely in vain
And while it's true I've got nothing to do
I'd rather stay out here in the rain
Than be surrounded by the great and good
The experts and omnipotents
'Cause in the evening sun
The green, green grass is glowing again

Wait for me

The tiny outposts and the rural networks
So many days and so many ways
It almost hurts
And now I’m tacked on to the end
Of a stranger's train of thought
And now, in the evening sun
The green, green grass glows inside him
Track Name: Nothing decayed
Creatures graze about the tech park
As backwards as the jaws and hair and cloth
Matted in the nets, remote dwelling
And mud and wood and blood and hands
A carny's arms into which I cornered you

And nothing decayed
Nothing decayed
In the nothing decade
Nothing decayed

In view of masts, beneath the wires now
Never naked, lungs and limbs swinging
Wood ghats prod the trail
Into which I cornered you
They prod the trail into which I cornered you
Track Name: Stone
Pull me out of the stone