What / Limb

by Rob Howard

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Recorded in Coventry and Bristol.


released April 4, 2016


tags: pop Bristol



Rob Howard Bristol, UK

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Track Name: What
You are not too big to fail
You are not too young to care
You have taken liberties
There are insects in your hair
Another checked box under your stretched belt
Will you take a leaf from the spider's book?
When the wreckage is back in the hangar
Will you be in deference to the small picture?
Dead pigeons wedged under the roof slates
Winter sun sinks down on the sunken town
You were once in the centre of the picture
But now you are nowhere to be found
And now three decades on
And this is what you're telling me
I waited all this time for nothing to happen
Track Name: Limb
He came back
She was already gone
Backseat rolling away from the town
You can omit whatever won't fit
And whatever leaps out
Like a limb from the ground
Keep a name-tag under your pillow
Keep the recipe under your hat
What's so hard about taking it easy?
Baby, you'll thank me when the rocks start to fall